35 Weeks and Last Week of Bed Rest

We have our 36 wk appointment on Thursday and I couldn’t be more  anxious/excited! Our doctor said she’d release me from bed rest once (if) we made it to 36. What I’m hoping is that she’ll count our appointment as that milestone instead of Sunday when I technically turn 36 weeks. When I say I CAN.NOT wait to be off bed rest I really mean it. It’s time. I need to start moving around a little. The big question people have been asking is if this freedom will mean I can go back to work. Probably not. One, it’s going to take time for me to build up my stamina and endurance. After almost 10 weeks of laying around I have lost a lot of strength. Just getting dressed and travelling to the doctor’s office leaves me winded and in need of a nap. At this state there’s no way I could survive an entire day at the office- even though I’m usually sitting at a desk for most of it. At our last appointment I asked my doctor if I’d be able to return to work once bed rest was over and her response was not promising, so I’m not holding my breath. It seems weird to think that after maternity leave I will have been away from work for almost 6 months! That’s crazy! Hope I will remember all of my passwords (:  I Never thought I’d miss working, but I do. I miss the purpose to my day and the interaction with my co workers. I’m lucky enough to have great ones that I enjoy and appreciate. Oh well, soon enough I’ll be back. I know once baby girls gets here unfortunately those 12 weeks off will FLY by.

I’ll be back on Thursday or Friday to update. Until then, be well. See ya next time.


4 Replies to “35 Weeks and Last Week of Bed Rest”

  1. Your updates are wonderful. You get an A for communication. You look great. I hope you have the sweetest baby ever. Much love, Terry

  2. Cute pics! It’s awesome to hear that everything is coming along so well.

    Although bed rest sounds like no fun, at least you have this creative outlet. Thus, while your muscles are atrophying, your spirit gets a chance to shine. (And besides, once you’re up and about, your muscles will regain their former strength in no time.)

  3. you. look. fabulous. seriously! I’m so happy for you!!! I can’t believe baby A is almost here! Love following along with you! 🙂 Keep us all posted. You’ll be a GREAT mama!

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