Product Review: Mia2

Product Review:

This was my xmas present. I thought about getting one for years, but thought it was overpriced and was concerned about its effectiveness. In addition, I knew there were cheaper versions out there. What convinced me to try it were many positive recommendations and reviews about Mia out there on the interwebs. This facial brush was made by the same company that created the Sonicare electric toothbrush. I have used a Sonicare toothbrush for about 11 years now and I been nothing but satisfied with the product. So far Mia has helped clear up my skin and hyperpigmentation spots. If you’re looking for a good facial brush….don’t hesitate spending money on this one. It’s a great investment. It feels like getting a facial every day!

Next Product Review? The Belly Bandit (You’ll have to wait until after Baby A gets here though).

Click here to be taken to Clarisonic  website:


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