Hope Is Not Enough

I felt a need to follow up my previous post. I worried that folks would think that hope is all you need. That it’s enough. I wanted to be clear that I will carry hope in my heart. No matter what. To sustain my spirit and my heart so that I am able to press on and do the work- the tangible work- the future will require of me and of you.

Cori Bush’s acceptance speech is everything. I needed to read this and sit with it awhile. Especially today. As we wait for the bittersweet political victory we think is coming. Van Jones says it better than me when he talks about this election and the difference between political victory and moral victory. Google it if you haven’t seen it already (and I’ll throw a link in the comments below). I was wanting both. The fact we didn’t get the moral victory is a sign of all the work still needing to be done. A Biden win doesn’t mean we’re good and can go back to sleepwalking and pretending all of the isms magically disappeared. I hope we can continue to hold each other accountable and make sure we continue the momentum that so many started and poured themselves into.

Her election to me is an example of HOPE coupled with ACTION, vision and strategy. Of leaning into your power and pushing forward💙

This is what true leadership looks like. This is what service looks like. This is what organizing looks like. I am here for all of it. Congratulations , Missouri (and all of us.)


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