Hope Is Not Enough

I felt a need to follow up my previous post. I worried that folks would think that hope is all you need. That it's enough. I wanted to be clear that I will carry hope in my heart. No matter what. To sustain my spirit and my heart so that I am able to press …

Happy 4.

Happy 4th birthday Fiona Retz. You have my whole heart. This birthday feels extra sweet after the year we've had. Eat as many cupcakes as you'd like today. You've earned it.  💜

She is 6!

Six years ago today I was eating a Popsicle waiting for my doctor to arrive to catch you when I pushed you into this world. I assumed from that day on that I'd be the one pushing you. Pushing you to be your best. Pushing you forward- closer to who you're meant to be. What …

Dear Esther. Happy 04!

On days when I wanted to pull the covers over my head and ignore the day, the knowledge that you needed me got me outta my head and off my ass to get up and participate in life. You help me realize that my actions, matter. Not only that, you motivate and encourage me to continuously learn and grow because if I am to teach you “all of the things” then I better learn “all of the things.”