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Cast of Characters: Updated Nov 2020


Jim: My awesome husband (http://about.me/jimandrews) who not only has the patience of Mother Teresa, but also the talent of Bobby Flay in the kitchen.  Hopefully, he’ll pop in a post from time to time. No promises though. He enjoys spending time with his friends, yoga and being Esther and Fiona’s trampoline.


Tanisha: That’s me (http://about.me/tanishaandrews). Jim’s equally as awesome (and amazing) wife. I get most of my life advice from Oprah and Mister Rogers and I’m ok with that. When I’m not chillaxing with my girls. You can find me watching Game of Thrones (or anything on HGTV really). I also enjoy sipping lattes with friends and officiating wedding ceremonies.


Esther: This list is oldest to youngest (please notice that I’m listed AFTER Jim). She’s our resident dictator and makes sure she’s heard. When she’s not being completely and alarmingly adorable, she likes to swim, go to the park and talk about how she plans to change the world with love and kindness.


Fiona: She’s our bay-bee and she’s delicious. Currently, she keeps us entertained with her sweet giggles and making sure we meet her demands. She’s the sassiest person I’ve ever met.


3 Replies to “ABOUT US.”

  1. oh my gosh, she is beautiful! can’t wait to meet her. already met sparky and he was such a gentleman. i’m sure he will keep you company during the next two months!
    kathee 🙂

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