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Said to Baby or Dog?

Tanisha and I have started playing a game recently and wanted to share it with you.

It’s called “Said to Baby or Dog?” 

During the day we recap things that we have said to either our baby and our dog, then make each other guess which one the sentence was directed towards.

Today’s sentence is:

“Don’t lick my toes.”

Please put your answers in the comments section.

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I cannot believe our girl is 7 months old!! Dear Time: Please slow down, thanks! Love Always, Esther’s Mom.

“I am 7 months old! I can almost crawl and I’ve just started to wave. My favorite food is still sweet pots, but squash is a close second. I LOVE LOVE my dog and I look for him every morning. School is so much fun and I have a hard time leaving each day (don’t like my car seat much anymore). Maybe next month when ya see me I’ll have some teeth. xxoo E”

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