Life is Good.

Life was good before too, but now it’s good  good now that I can move my body!! The doctor released me from bed rest on Thursday and I could not be any happier. I got the “ok” to start moving around and building up my strength and endurance before little girl gets here.

After out appointment we ran a few errands. We went to Amma Parenting Center  (this is where we took our parenting classes) where we purchased our Moby Wrap and a Belly Bandit for me. LOVE Amma and also the helpful staff.  After Amma we went to a nice lunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Tilia. It felt so good to be back in crowds again. After lunch though, I was definitely ready to go home and rest a bit. I have to remember to be patient and know that I have to walk again before I can run.

I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow and that was our “make it to” date. Now, if I should go into labor before Feb 6th the doctor would not stop labor and if she looks good at birth she won’t have to go to a special care nursery. She can stay in the room with us. I like the fact that this is an area of concern for my doctor- meaning that she doesn’t like to separate the mommas and the babies if she doesn’t have to. I’m really happy to hear this because after this little one is born my main focus will be on establishing breast-feeding.

My plan here on out is going to be preparing for the little one and also getting out the house at least once a day. The little amount of walking I have done so far has done wonders for my body already. My hips feel much better. My back still needs some work but we’ll get there. I have a message scheduled on Monday and I’m really looking forward to that.

Our next appointment is on Thursday. We have weekly doctor’s appointments now that we’re down to the final weeks. At our next appointments I’ll do the Step B test so my doctor will also have a look at my cervix at that point to see if I’m dilated or effaced at all. EXCITING!! I know one can’t predict these things, but I just have a feeling that she will come sometime this month. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though. After trying to keep her in so long, it feels odd to be wishing her out now (: I’m just ready to meet her and for the two of us (and Jim) to make it through labor in one piece.

Until next time!


5 Replies to “Life is Good.”

  1. Everything is in place. Might I suggest Channing McKinley at Blooma for a gentle chiropractic adjustment. She can help line things up before go-time. My sessions with her in late pregnancy were some of my fave. She was great at telling me which position the baby was in and could even feel my practice contractions when I couldn’t … and helped me identify them! So fascinating. Perhaps you have a chiropractor already. You guys are ready and the Besinger house is abuzz with anticipation! Go Andrews fam! What a magnificent life awaits BabyGirl.

  2. What I’m so happy to hear is your continued sense of Love, harmony, and optimism. That is yours (and her) true, perpetual state, that nothing can ever disturb.

    You are each whole, complete ideas – and I’ll be knowing that of you all!

    Sending big hugs and smiles – keep up the joy!

  3. Tanisha, You were so lovely and loving to my baby girl. I can’t even imagine how good a mom you will be with your own Baby Girl. I remember your grandma telling me how happy she was when you came to live with her because she always wanted a girl. You have lots of great history to lead you to your future. When Max was born love washed over me like a wave in the ocean and my life hasn’t been the same since. The way you sound, you have already been anointed with that love. All my best wishes that you have the birth you want. Lots of love and warm thoughts for you and your little family, Terry

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