Esther’s Growing Up. Soon She’ll Be Off to College

It amazes me how fast these little ones grow. We had our girl’s 2 month check up today. She’s 11/11. She likes double digits apparently. At birth she was 6/6. She also had her first round of shots. I took it like a champ! Oh, Esther’s fine too (: She’s currently sleeping soundly. If you know me, you know I had a list of questions for the doctor which he so patiently answered. I must say I’ve been so happy with my  (and Esther’s) care throughout this pregnancy and after. I’ve already shared how much I love(d) my OB, but I like our pediatrician just as much. He’s our accidental pediatrician. When we were in the hospital we kinda felt like the slacker parents because we didn’t have a pediatrician picked out. FYI- when you don’t have one picked out they just give you the one on call. Well, we ended up loving him! He has the perfect attitude to deal with mom’s neurosis and dad’s jokes. More importantly the experience to provide good care for our daughter (don’t let his theater mug shot fool you– we clowned him about that photo today. FYI- he doesn’t like it). He is perfect for us AND Esther. I liked that he’s a dad and gives Jim tips on how to protect Esther once she’s a teen and brings home boyfriends. Today he joked, “I wish I could record you guys! I can’t figure out if one of you is a lawyer or if it’s just a power struggle.”  See, he “gets” us (: Of course it was because I’d say one thing regarding Esther and Jim would follow up with something that was the exact opposite. Of course I’M ALWAYS RIGHT!! Ha! That will teach Jim to start writing on this blog so he can defend, I mean add his point of view (:

Oh hey, also- we found daycare. hallelujah! We found a lady who is just perfect. Her name in Julie and we met her and her husband, also a Jim, earlier this week. Of course no one will love her or provide the level of care for her that we do, but Julie will give her loving care while we have to be away from her. Oh man does that ease my mind. I wish I could create a kangaroo pouch and keep her in it, but I can’t. I spoke with a parent who takes her son to Julie and she (also a first time mom) sealed the deal for us. She said that she can leave her son with Julie all day and focus on work because she knows he’ll get great loving care. DING DING! That’s exactly what we wanted. Also, this mom, when she was looking for care made 50 phone calls and did 10 interviews before choosing Julie. Again, that made me/us feel great about our choice. So, before “day 1” Esther and I are going to go hang out with Miss Julie for a morning or afternoon to meet the other children and observe how a typical day looks like around the place. In addition you know momma will also provide Miss Julie with a “cheat sheet” regarding Esther’s care and routine (: It’s a good thing Julie seems so flexible (:  Dropping her off that first day is going to be like taking a bullet, but I think Esther will love getting to watch other children and meeting new people. She’s so observant already and I think she gets bored with us (:

Esther at her 2 mo check up


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