2 months

From Feb 24th

I’m a month old today! I’m getting bigger and starting to become more aware of my surroundings. I like to grab at things now, especially my bottle or mommy and daddy’s hands as I’m eating. I also like to curl my toes and make “umm yumm umm” sounds when I eat. Basically I really like to eat now. I only cry if I’ve messed my pants, I’m hungry or I’m uncomfortable. I’m sleeping for longer stretches at night and I’ve learned to really love bath time.

March 23

I’m 2 months today. I love to smile at mommy and daddy when I wake up in the morning. I am becoming more aware of my surrounding so I really don’t like taking naps. I fear I may miss a party. I LOVE my mobile and eating. My hair is getting so curly and I’m happy it hasn’t fallen out. I have my 2 month appointment next week and I’ll be getting some shots. I’m not worried. I’ll take em like a champ.

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