What’s in a Name?

We’re starting to get the name question. Do we have a name picked out for her? The answer is, yes. It was easier to pick a girl name than it was for us to agree on a boy name. We’ve tabled our boy names and if we have one some day we’ll have to go back into the boxing ring 🙂 Although we have a name, we’re waiting until she’s born to share it. I’m not sure why Jim is on board with this, but I’ll include why I want to wait. I feel like we’re sharing so much already and THAT’S OK! I love including you all in on each step of this journey with us, especially in the wake of all that is going on. We NEED you and your support. We decided to share the sex already, so everyone already knows she’s a,well, SHE. I want people to have SOMETHING to look forward to.

First Name: We’ve chosen a name that will fit her at 8 yrs of age and at 80. We wanted something that is classic, but unique enough so that hopefully she’ll be the only one in her classroom with the name. Even before I was pregnant I heard this name and it just stuck. I’m glad Jim likes it to, it makes things a lot easier 🙂

Middle Name: Unlike her first name, her middle name was non negotiable 🙂 I kind of “lovingly” told Jim that if we had a girl that THIS is her middle name. It’s a family name on both Jim’s side and my side. It has special meaning and I’m thankful it flows so well with her first name.

So there you have it. She indeed has a name and we’re not keeping it a secret from you to be mean. We’re just keeping it wrapped up and you can open it (hopefully) after Christmas 🙂

Look what Daddy Jim did last night! Now she has a place to sleep in our room and we won’t have to put her in a dresser drawer. She’ll be in our room for awhile while she’s really little before moving into her nursery. Once that is put together I’ll show sneak peeks of that. Jim is currently putting together the travel system. Sparky is hiding under my feet because I think he fears it is some type of kennel we are going to force him into. LOL!

Until next time!


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