The Kitchen Workhorse

This is something that Tanisha brought in the marriage and I’m so happy that she did. This guy works harder than anyone in our house. Seriously. He’s the best.

It’s the 12-inch cast iron skillet from Lodge Logic. I make 90% of our meals with this skillet. You can use for anything and everything, from making french toast (more like freedom toast) to roasting a whole chicken in the oven. It’s heavy and distributes heat evenly, so you won’t have any hot spots or uneven browning. They do have larger and smaller sizes, but I find that most recipes call for a 12-inch skillet and really, if you get something bigger you’ll have to set up some kind of pulley system to get it off the stove.

Honestly, it’s the best tool I have in the kitchen and it won’t set you back that much.

Click the link below to get yours NOW (sorry to yell, I’m just excited).




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