We Now Have Our Doctor’s Cell Phone Number…

as things have gotten (more) serious. She’s not on Twitter, but said we could text her 🙂 I’m now on strict bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy. However long that may be.Today was our follow up appointment to check to see whether or not bed rest is helping. Short answer is, it’s not doing a damn thing to improve my cervix. In fact, it’s gotten shorter.  Our doctor, who usually throws around smiles freely and has been cautiously optimistic this whole time was markedly different today. When she came into the room this time there were no smiles and she told us right out that she “doesn’t like my cervix”. Well, Doc, neither do I!! I feel like that “B” has betrayed me and seems to have inherited my inability to wait for anything. We’re now taking this pregnancy week by week. Each week we can keep her in there potentially means less time baby girl may have to stay in the NICU. Dr. Roberts thinks if I’m still pregnant by Christmas we’ll be very lucky. We’re now hoping to at least make it to 33/34 weeks.  The hospital we’re delivering at has a level 3 NICU and can handle babies born after 30 weeks, so I’m hopeful that she won’t have to be transferred to another hospital if she does come before 2012.

Sidebar: I got my first steroid injection today. I wasn’t prepared for how it was given. I had to take it the same way the athletes do when they’re taking them illegally. NOT FUN! I have another one tomorrow morning. I wonder if I’ll be strong enough to rough Jim up
now? Probably not, but it’s a funny thought, right? Like maybe I’ll grow 10 times in size and turn green every time I get angry from here on out. In addition to the steroid injections, I’m taking a medication 3 times a day that will prevent contractions. Any type of contractions (even the “practice” ones) are a “no no” for me. They could change/shorten my cervix even more.

So now our main focus for the next “X” amount of weeks is keeping baby inside as long as we can. I think we’re both still trying to digest this news and prepare ourselves, the best we can, for what’s to come.  For a girl who likes to control everything, this has really been a learning period for me. I have ZERO control over this outcome and that has been hard as hell to swallow.

I’d like to end on a positive note. The baby is still a champ. She’s doing great and her cheeks looked fatter today. I want this baby to be as juicy as possible. Hefty/Chubby = Great for premature or pre term babies.

Well, I guess I better get comfortable of the couch as it’s my home from here on out.

Tanisha at a little over 28 weeks 


8 Replies to “We Now Have Our Doctor’s Cell Phone Number…”

  1. Hey babe if it makes you any more positive I was born December 26th and my due date was March 5th. I was a fighter and turned out healthy. You are in my thoughts :). Love ya -Heather Rawson

  2. Beautiful Girls!! I am praying daily for you both! I know she will be a strong and a healthy girl:) I admire your positive attitude!! I know this is hard but know that you are loved and have so much support:)I am here for you girl! Prayers and positive thoughts!!! All my love, Mignon and Family!

  3. You’re keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humor through all this. (Your steroid comments made me chuckle, in spite of the serious topic.) You and baby girl are going to be just fine; I can feel it.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Wow! Sounds a lot like what happened to me. Dont beat yourself up resting is what you have contol over and you are doing exactly what you need to . I know what you mean about the steroid shots! After your second shot the baby will get even stronger and if she’s anything like her mother, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. 🙂

  5. One week at a time…eat lots to fatten up baby girl, and rest a lot!! Thinking so much of you! You look beautiful!!


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